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Made in Canada - Mined in Canada

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Soaptone Grill
Explore grilling with Soapstone
Canadian Soapstone Shower Floor
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Canadian Soapstone Shower Floor
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Canadian Soapstone Countertop
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Canadian Soapstone is a producer of countertops, shower bases / basins and architectural stone.

Canadian Soapstone is the darling of soapstone varieties for it's unique beauty, character and durability. We are a LEED designated product that is green from quarrying to installation.

Many different shows and magazines have profiled us, here are just a few!
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House of Bryan Canadian Soapstone
Every man needs a fortress of solitude, we built one for Bryan Baeumler of HGTV's, "House of Bryan".

We built a custom steam shower using Canadian Soapstone. Our patent-pending sloped shower base is made up of several larger stones sloped to a drain. Canadian Soapstone makes up all the ceilings, walls, ledges and floors within Bryan's retreat from the world.

Watch as Bryan takes the us on a tour…..
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Great time for our U.S. customers to take advantage of the low Canadian dollar!