Canadian Soapstone ™

Made in Canada - Mined in Canada

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If we had a nickel for every time
we were asked, "but isn't Soapstone soft?".

It may seem that way, Canadian Soapstone is the densest stone we know of. Many fellow Soapstone merchants speak of hardness, not density.

Truth in advertising, hardness is important but density is the important distinction to keep in mind.

Canadian Soapstone is hard enough to serve as any countertop or shower, density means virtually no porosity. 0.0001% porosity has many benefits; no need for a sealer, no water marks, hygienic work surface that will outlast any owner.

Sealers, stone composites and veneers breakdown overtime not Canadian Soapstone.

Canadian Soapstone will scratch, so does leather, it only improves character. Any scratches are superficial, the density of Canadian Soapstone are bankable good looks and performance.
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