Canadian Soapstone ™

Made in Canada - Mined in Canada

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It is the only non-porous stone on earth. Pores cannot be completely sealed, no matter the sealer, thus exposing other non-solid surfaces to bacteria and potential stains caused by everyday use.

Secondly, due to its neutral-mineral content, soapstone is impervious to chemicals and therefore can be cleaned using even the strongest of household cleaning products; applying chemicals to other natural stone surfaces will typically damage them.

Thirdly, soapstone will not burn, as it is completely heat proof (the best fireplaces are made of soapstone). Lastly, seams on countertops are very inconspicuous, a benefit matched only by synthetic surfaces.
Soapstone installed as a counter top is 1 1/4" thick and weighs just over twenty pounds per square foot.

1 1/4" thickness gives it a heavy old world look. Kitchen designers may find the weight daunting, but it's easily supported with standard cabinets.