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Where is the soapstone from?

Our mine is located in Quebec, Canada.

Will the samples I've seen resemble my countertop?

The stone is a product of nature and the differences are never ending. Every piece of stone is unique, however it's impossible to really differentiate one slab of soapstone from the next. In the same way that a hardwood floor is consistent in appearance, it is a composition of unique pieces that naturally come together. The same holds true for a soapstone counter. Unfortunately, selecting individual counter sections is not possible.

Are samples available?

Yes, We can ship a small piece of soapstone. Please use our contact form to provide us with the shipping address. A small fee may apply.

How durable are soapstone counters?

A soapstone countertop is solid rock that will last many lifetimes. It is so dense that it allows nothing to penetrate it, not even bacteria. It is impossible to stain. Heat will not affect it; it is used to build fireplaces. Apart from the initial treatment with mineral oil and the occasional wiping with the oil, the countertops require no extra care.

I've heard that you can scratch it?

Yes, it will scratch when you try and it will scratch accidentally. The beauty of soapstone is that with a simple wipe with mineral oil, the small scratches are gone. If the scratch is more intense, a light sanding and mineral oil will be required. I have experienced many products in my twenty years building custom homes and I can honestly say that soapstone is a product that lasts forever with very little maintenance.

How long does it take to install?

We can install most counters in a day - two for larger kitchens. The counters are made in advance and it's usually an eight-hour installation. We frequently return the next day for a follow up look.

How should we schedule the work or receive the soapstone shipment?

If we are installing your countertops in the Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto areas, allow four weeks from the date we order the soapstone to installation. If you are receiving a shipment of our soapstone, allow four to six weeks. Please remember every order is custom cut for each job. When you have exact drawings available - send them to us via fax or email, that way the stone will be available for your installation.

Would you recommend another type of stone?

The only type of counter we install is soapstone, so we are certainly biased. The one thing that I have noticed over the years is that people who prefer a stone without the shine are naturally drawn to soapstone.

Do you know of any other soapstone counter companies?

Yes we do - and here they are - if you find others - tell us and we'll include them here.

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